Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Resolution to get my hands wet on opensource

I took a resolution month back and it is working perfect for me.
being a open source enthusiast i did not contribute to community much.
so "i should concentrate on something for atleast 1 weeks and if it is interesting, work on that in coming weeks until something materializes". that was the resolution.
this started showing me magics.

First one was that i should work on "Firefox extensions".
That was a grant success inside the company appreciations and patches started flowing.
it automates most of my tasks inside the company.
In-fact, just like any Open Source effort, here also i was trying to scratch on my itch.
later i realized, it is not only solves myown problems, but others too..
I taught me a big lesson, most of us require opensource software to solve over problems
and it works even inside a closed system like a company

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  1. this is a short post, but I think a great summation of how developers feel about using open source software and making contributions.

    glad it's working out for you, keep it up!