Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Drizzle Clients on Windows - dirzzle and drizzledump

All I have to share now is Drizzle client tools (both drizzle command line and drizzledump) for MS Windows are available for Download.
If you have time, please try it and give me feedback.
(Consider this as a temporary location for hosting the binary packages. In future, we shall move to sacred location.)

Kept postponing this post because there is a real dragon is under hatching (CoApp).
See Monty's post.
Help of those tools are required for moving forward because of our dependancy on list of libraries.
Current build is using MinGW.

All started with, Toru's question on my previous blog post. :)
Question was "Does this survive through the tests?" (libdrizzle patches on windows)
Answer is : This is the productive way I can test my libdrizzle patches for windows.

Patches for this windows build of clients are on the way to main trunk.
I am trying to keep the patches as small chunks to ensure proper review and required rework in this earlier stages itself.

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