Thursday, October 7, 2010

Clients for windows based on drizzle7-2010.09.1802 beta release for download

Not sure whether Windows binaries got any audience.
If anybody is interested in checking..
Here it is available for Download

(Just now uploaded the binaries based on beta release)
Checked on Windows XP and Windows 7.


  1. These don't seem to work. At least not drizzle.exe. First it claims it is missing:

    And then when I download a copy of that and install, it then says it is missing:

    I quit after that. I think these are dynamically linked libraries from MingW, but I am not expert. I would think these should be included or statically compiled in maybe?


  2. @Eric Hansin : Thank you for reporting this.
    I am excited to see a user comment.
    Yes those are MingW dlls.
    Sorry that I don't have access to my machine for a week.
    will you tell me which version you are using. XP/Vista/Win7?

  3. Hi Jobin,

    I have no issue using on Linux, but to be honest I like to do some dev work in Windows. Not that I am much of a dev ;)

    I am running XP SP3. I can't imagine I would have any of these MingW DLLs installed anywhere. When I tried the above, I just put libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll in root directory of the folder with the two EXE and one DLL files that you provided. So the EXE must look in the same directory for the missing DLL files (not sure if it looks in any paths as well.)


  4. Hi Eric,
    Sorry for the delay.
    EXE will be looking for the DLL in the same directory where they are.
    optionaly you can copy DLLs in any place where PATH is mentioned like: C:\WINNT\system32

    I just uploaded the latest build to based on latest trunk. This time it includes all dlls required.
    latest drizzledump got lots of bugfixes by Andrew (linuxjedi). so if you are using drizzledump please get the latest.

    Thank you again for reporting the problem.
    You are the first user i know. :)

    Thank you

  5. I'm not real good with this stuff yet, but I can tell you that your new drizzle clients were able to connect from XP to a drizzle server instance running on Debian inside of VirtualBox. So they do seem to work from what I can tell of my basic usage. Thanks for updating these, and if I see posts on Planet Drizzle in regards to new releases I'll test them as best I can.


  6. Hi Eric,
    Happy to know that it is working.
    I didn't publish in a new post and there by in planetdrizzle because it is a emergency fix for missing dlls (but i fixed windows specific libdrizzle bug too).

    Going forward, I am planing to have a release after each tarball release of drizzle (bi weekly). but if i see not much modifications for client code, i may skip one release.

    drizzledump is 100% bug to bug compatible with linux version because there is no windows specific changes.
    drizzle command line tool have few windows specific modifications. but not expecting any regressions.

    Thank you for your valuable feedback.

  7. Any chance for an update of the binaries based on drizzle7?